Essay: “Kyle W.”

There is a group of Journalists in Games Media who desperately need to be stopped. Not only because the underhanded, manipulative way they’re going about libeling us is wrong, but because their Ideology, a Distorted, Dark Version of Feminism, is going to wreck a hobby that I love & has helped me through some tough times. Now more than ever. So, Devin Wilson has said Fun is a “Neurological Trick”  But SO WHAT. It’s a Trick *we all NEED.* I have a vertebrae that has broken loose from my spinal column & the disc beneath it has collapsed. My Spinal Cord is under tremendous pressure & it screams pain signals into my brain 24/7/365. But you know what? A Good game can take my mind off of it for awhile, withOUT drugs.

Spending some time trying to defend the galaxy against the Reapers in the Mass Effect series, or adventuring with my friends online in Neverwinter Nights 2 or the classic Baldur’s Gate, helps me to forget. The challenge of trying to live peacefully in Civilization, to build a society that can avoid war, but still thrive, hours can go by before I remember what my body is telling me.

But it doesn’t have to be a problem as extreme as mine. You could have been hurt by one you love, but wandering the majestic mountains of Skyrim eases that hurt for a time. The pressure at work could seem overwhelming, but saving those people from the terrorists in Call of Duty with your friends for an hour or two can allow you to refocus. Perhaps you’re tired of being socially awkward, of just not being able to understand people. It’s confusing & frustrating. The world is a dark and incomprehensible place. The rules make no sense! Yet guess what? You’ve discovered that you have skill in World of Warcraft, the rules of the game make the world seem more sensible & that skill has given you a reputation. That reputation created a group around you and suddenly you realize that these people understand you. You work well together. You find you have things to talk about that aren’t gaming related, these people have become your friends.

In this process of discovery, in this #Gamergate & #notyourshield, I’ve seen so many smart, earnest, educated, funny, heartwarming people come together for a common cause. It makes a joke of the claims put against us that we are unreasonable Misogynists. Many of these people I would like to become friends with, maybe many of these people I would not get along with in normal life at all. Yet I would still respect them. Because they understand as I do, what gaming has done for us.

However, those hiding behind DiGRA? These arrogant academics and their SJW allies? They don’t want to be a part of that community. They don’t want to even try to enter in openly and fairly and let their ideas compete in the marketplace. They don’t even care about doing business that would support the Industry. They just want it to burn. They want to tear it down and who knows what would come out of the ashes? Nothing good, nothing ethical, nothing fun. Please help us, don’t give up, we need you *all*. This may be the greatest game any of us will play in our lives. Let’s play to win.

Kyle W.


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