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News Sites, Communities, and Archives

Corruption in Video Game Journalism
A Facebook community dedicated to exploring the moral bankruptcy of the gaming press.

Gamer Gate Harassment
A screenshot archive of the online abuse that GamerGate supporters have endured.

An up-to-date repository of current events and information related to GamerGate.

Chronologies and Timelines

KnowYourMeme – GamerGate
A neutral rundown of the history and major events of GamerGate.

Tiki-Toki: The #GamerGate Chronicles by Sulfura3
A detailed timeline of the major events of GamerGate.


Bright Side of News – Gamers Revolt: Another Take on the Zoe Quinn Scandal by Derek Strickland (2014/08/25)
An insightful look at the erosion of the gaming press’ credibility over the years and how the Zoe Quinn scandal galvanized the gaming community. Especially interesting since it was one of the few articles written before the #GamerGate hashtag and the infamous “Gamers are dead” articles appeared.

GamesNosh – #Gamergate: The silly sounding, but sincere call for Fair Representation of ‘Gamers’ within the media. by Chris “Zabant” Heeley (2014/08/30)
A brief examination of GamerGate’s origins and its objectives.

Breitbart London – Feminist Bullies Tearing the Video Game Industry Apart by Milo Yiannopoulos (2014/09/01)
A somewhat sensationalistic but nevertheless accurate article on the events leading up to GamerGate.

Al Jazeera (The Stream) – #GamerGate: Misogyny or corruption in the gaming community? (2014/09/03)
A closer examination of the claims of misogyny and journalistic corruption raised by the events of GamerGate.

Slate – Gaming Journalism Is Over by David Auerbach (2014/09/04)
An analysis of the reasons and motivations driving the actions of the gaming press that created GamerGate.

Townhall – Journalistic Malpractice and Corruption, Video Games Edition by Kevin Glass (2014/09/07)
A balanced article discussing the valid points and shortcomings on both sides of the GamerGate debate.

Bright Side of News – How Sensationalism Continues To Ignite GamerGate by Derek Strickland (2014/09/26)
An examination of the nature of moral panics and the ethical implications of sensationalism.

Slate – Twitter Is Broken by David Auerbach (2014/10/07)
An examination of the drawbacks of using Twitter as a means of communication in light of the events of GamerGate.

Forbes – #GamerGate Is Not A Hate Group, It’s A Consumer Movement by Erik Kain (2014/10/09)
A reaction to the accusation that GamerGate is nothing more than a hate campaign.

Real Clear Politics – The Gender Games: Sex, Lies, and Videogames by Cathy Young (2014/10/09)
A balanced summary of GamerGate which dispels several common myths perpetrated by its detractors.

Bright Side of News – GamerGate: Does Games Journalism Have a Liberal Bias Problem? by Derek Strickland (2014/10/11)
An exploration of how the gaming press’ agenda has resulted in the dissemination of propaganda-like misinformation.

TechRaptor – The Ceaseless March of GamerGate by Todd Wohling
A closer look at the untruths and misinformation being perpetuated by GamerGate’s detractors. – GamerGate: Part I: Sex, Lies, and Gender Games by Cathy Young (2014/10/12)
A reprint of the The Gender Games: Sex, Lies, and Videogames article from Real Clear Politics, noteworthy for the hilarious and highly entertaining comments section.

Spiked – #GamerGate: an un-PC rebellion by Allum Bokhari (2014/10/16)
An examination of how GamerGate has become a battle between gamers and left-leaning cultural warriors on a moral crusade.

Breitbart London – Supporting GamerGate Does Not Make You a Bully by Noah Dulis (2014/10/17)
An article examining which side of the GamerGate debate is engaging in the lion’s share of hate and bullying.

Gamer Headlines – Gamergate: The abuse victims the media won’t tell you about by Samual Sales (2014/10/17)
An article showcasing some of the abuse that GamerGate supporters have received.

Commentaries, Perspectives, and Analyses

Linux Journal – Girls and Software by Susan Sons (2014/02/04)
A fascinating female perspective on how childhood events led the author to become an open source hacker and the effects of the “sexism moral panic” on the tech industry.

Niche Gamer – #GamerGate: Lies, Corruption, and a New Beginning by Satya Pasupuleti (2014/09/06)
An outline for a proposed code of ethics to be adopted by the gaming press in light of GamerGate.

Honey Badger Brigade – Gamergate: Journalism as a Social Justice War game by Hannah Wallen (2014/09/07)
An examination of the tactics used by social justice extremists to manipulate, control, and silence people and why gamers are uniquely immune to them.

Medium – A Narrative of #GamerGate and Examination of Claims of Collusion with 4chan by CaineJW (2014/09/07)
An extremely detailed breakdown of the events leading up to the creation of GamerGate.

DigiTimes – Time is running out for console makers to clean up GamerGate by Ricky Morris (2014/09/09)
A business perspective on the potential financial ramifications of GamerGate.

What Culture – 10 Lessons The Gaming Industry Must Learn From #GamerGate by Jordan Ephraim (2014/09/10)
A series of take-home lessons and facts for the gaming industry that GamerGate has brought to light.

Medium – On Marginalization of Gamers by CaineJW (2014/09/18)
An exhaustive analysis of how gamers are being marginalized using the tools and methods of oppression.

Adland – #Gamergate – Insulting consumers shrinks the market by Åsk “Dabitch” Wäppling (2014/09/19)
A marketing and advertising expert discusses the effects that painting your target audience in a negative light can have on your market share.

The Mitrailleuse – Intellectual Bullying and the Postmodern Discourse of GamerGate by Robert Mariani (2014/09/19)
An analysis of the tactics used to reframe an opponent’s viewpoint in order to discredit them.

TechCrunch – #GamerGate – An Issue With Two Sides by Allum Bokhari (2014/09/25)
A good summary of the motivating factors as seen through the lens of a political scientist.

TechRaptor – Good Morning, Orthodoxy! by Todd Wohling
A six-part, in-depth examination of the infamous “Gamers are dead” articles from various angles.
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Honey Badger Brigade – #gamergate: Is establishment journalism dead? by Hannah Wallen (2014/10/02)
An examination of contemporary media bias and how gamers have ended up filling the roles meant for journalists themselves as a result of GamerGate.

Honey Badger Brigade – How many falls does it take to level up from biased media to journalist? by Hannah Wallen (2014/10/04)
A dissection of the DARVO (Deny, Accuse, Reverse Victim and Offender) attack used to vilify gamers by members of the gaming press.

Niche Gamer – On Gamers, Culture, and #GamerGate by L.M. Lloyd (2014/10/13)
An examination of how GamerGate’s struggle is a battle between modernity and postmodernity.

Adland – #Gamergate – #Gamergate moral panic resembles the 90s, which directly affects women’s career choices by Åsk “Dabitch” Wäppling (2014/10/17)
The marketing and advertising expert from #Gamergate – Insulting consumers shrinks the market explains how moral panics can devastate entire industries.

The Flounce – Tits or GTFO: An Editorial on #GamerGate and #NotYourShield by Allison Henthorn (2014/10/16)
A female perspective on the gender issues and double standards in the media which led to and continue to fuel GamerGate.

RealGamerNewz – Is GamerGate A Hate Group? by Alexander Hinkley (2014/10/17)
A brief history of GamerGate and an analysis of both the veracity that it is a hate group as well as the increasingly questionable tactics used by its opponents to discredit it.

Adland – Gawker is toxic to brands who partner with them by Åsk “Dabitch” Wäppling (2014/10/26)
An analysis of how Gawker Media’s outrageous behavior during GamerGate is poisoning its relationship with its sponsors and advertisers.

DigiTimes – Commentary: Calculating the cost of GamerGate, many losers, 2 potential big winners by Ricky Morris (2014/10/30)
The author of Time is running out for console makers to clean up GamerGate weighs in on potential economic impact the consumer revolt will have on the gaming industry during the 2014 holiday season.


GamesNosh – Princesses Are People Too by Candace McCarty (2014/10/05)
An interview with the creator of “Princesses Are People Too” about the history and goals of this GamerGate-inspired project.

Niche Gamer – #GamerGate Interview – Reviewing the Reviewers, Double Time Edition by Brandon Orselli (2014/10/14)
Two anonymous developers share their views on GamerGate, the gaming media, and the video game industry.

The Fine Young Capitalists

Cliqist – Autobótika’s Lola Barreto Discusses The Fine Young Capitalists by (2014/08/26)
An interview with the director of the design transmedia production company Autobótika about The Fine Young Capitalists.

APG Nation – Truth In Gaming: An Interview with The Fine Young Capitalists by Nicole Seraphita (2014/09/09)
The story of how a project designed to promote the entry of women into the video game industry was derailed by Zoe Quinn and blacklisted by the gaming media.

Cinemablend – TFYC Discuss #GamerGate, Recovering From Hacks, 4chan Support by William Usher (2014/09/11)
An article about the history and bizarre yet inspirational ongoing saga of The Fine Young Capitalists.

GamesNosh – The Fine Young Capitalists Funded With 4chan’s Aid by Stephen Welsh (2014/09/12)
How 4chan’s /v/ helped fund The Fine Young Capitalists and created their own mascot: Vivian James.


Breitbart London – Exposed: The Secret Mailing List of the Gaming Journalism Elite by Milo Yiannopoulos (2014/09/17)
The article where the existence of the infamous GameJournoPros mailing list was revealed for the first time.

Breitbart London – The E-mails That Prove Video Games Journalism Must be Reformed by Milo Yiannopoulos (2014/09/18)
A closer look at the gaming press’ lack of journalistic professionalism and maintaining their distance with respect to the Zoe Quinn case.

Bright Side of News – Inside the Secret World of Games Journalism by Derek Strickland (2014/09/19)
An exploration of the broader implications that the existence of GameJournoPros mailing list has on reporting the news.

TechRaptor – An Examination of Game Journalism Professionals
An article centering around the GameJournoPros members’ views of impartiality and censorship in regards to the case of Zoe Quinn.

One Angry Gamer – #GamerGate: Game Journalists Ignored Facts To Push “Gamers Are Dead” Agenda, According To E-Mails by Billy D (2014/09/23)
An analysis of the dubious facts and unfounded allegations of the suspiciously-timed “Gamers are dead” articles.

One Angry Gamer – #GamerGate: “There Was Never Any Sense Of ‘This Is Unethical'” Says Former GJP Member by William Usher (2014/10/10)
A dissection of the (alleged) Reddit AMA with former GameJournoPros mailing list member John Funk.

One Angry Gamer – #GamerGate: Destructoid, Corruption And Ruined Careers by William Usher (2014/10/18)
An explanation of the role played by the GameJournoPros mailing list in the firing and blacklisting of former Destructoid features editor Allistar Pinsof.

The Ripple Effects of GamerGate

#GamerGate Controversy Inspires Suicide Prevention Charity Fundraiser by Jessa Rittenhouse (2014/09/14)
How a CrowdRise fundraiser for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention reached its goal in just over an hour.

Niche Gamer – Mighty No. Nein – #GamerGate Censorship by Myles Vitagliano (2014/09/22)
An examination of how Mighty No. 9‘s Dina Abou Karam has allowed her personal views and ideologies to influence her behavior as the project’s community manager.


Cinemablend – #NotYourShield Hashtag Shows Multi-Cultural Support For GamerGate by William Usher (2014/09/10)
How women, minorities, and the LGBTQ community seized control of their own narrative during GamerGate using the #NotYourShield hashtag.

Cinemablend – #NotYourShield Video Shows All The Different Faces Behind #GamerGate by (2014/09/10)
A presentation and analysis of the #NotYourShield – We Are Gamers video by Shield Project.

Mindless Zombie Studios – #GamerGate: You Can Call Me Shield by Acacia Peters (2014/09/20)
The story of a lifelong female gamer, former social justice warrior, and #NotYourShield and GamerGate supporter in her own words.


YouTube – You are the Solution: What to do and How by Action Points (2014/09/01)
Advice on moving forward and achieving the aims of GamerGate.

YouTube – GamerGate: The Outright Hypocrisy, Manipulation & Disrespect of Consumers by Media by EventStatus (2014/09/03)
A video outlining the dishonest and disrespectful practices of the gaming press.

YouTube – The Truth About #gamergate and #notyourshield by Taco Justice (2014/09/04)
An overview of the myriad faces that make up GamerGate and NotYourShield.

YouTube – #NotYourShield – We Are Gamers by Shield Project (2014/09/07)
The incredibly diverse faces of #NotYourShield introduce themselves in spoken and written form.

YouTube – I will now ramble about games media for just under 30 minutes by TotalBiscuit (2014/09/09)
What the title says: TotalBiscuit rambles about gaming journalism for a while.

YouTube – Greg Lisby Interview by Super Bunnyhop (2014/09/11)
An interview with Dr. Greg Lisby, Associate Chair of the Department of Communications for Georgia State University, on Journalistic Ethics.

YouTube – An Open Letter to #GamerGate by Serpentiferous (2014/09/14)
An impassioned plea to not give up hope and continue the fight against the corrupt gaming press, no matter how big or small your voice might be.

YouTube – Factual Feminist: Are video games sexist? by the American Enterprise Institute (2014/09/16)
Respected equity feminist Christina Hoff Sommers debunks several myths about video games and the gaming community.

YouTube – What the Media isn’t telling you about #GamerGate by SyrianGirlpartisan (2014/09/19)
An explanation of the attempt that is being made to turn video games into tools for social engineering through collusion between corrupt members of the gaming media and the indie development scene.

YouTube – GAMERGATE! Gamer’s fight back! Guest video by TheInvestigamer! by The Investigamer (2014/09/21)
A detailed breakdown and analysis of the events and developments of GamerGate with references and refutations of common misconceptions.

YouTube – #GamerGate in 60 Seconds by LeoPirate (2014/10/05)
A one minute recap about the history of GamerGate as of October 5, 2014.


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