Why is GamerGate happening?

Over the last five years, the gaming media has grown increasingly politicized, all with the same political stance and agenda. It has become almost unheard of for a gaming news piece not to include at least a passing comment about a game being retrograde for not matching this stance, or for a game to be praised to the moon because it reflects the right politics. Many gamers are sick of it. Add on to this the claims of corruption, of censorship, of blacklisting, and of careers ruined, and these gamers have become incensed.

Gamers have been lied to, belittled, shamed, stifled, and held in contempt by the industry they created and continue to drive. Developers have been attacked, silenced, belittled, and forced to compromise their art by this same industry.

It has to stop. GamerGate is a grassroots movement by the gaming community to hold the press accountable for their actions and to demand better.



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